Understanding the Agent Area

The Agent permission set in LiveEngage will only give your agents access to web visitors tab in LiveEngage, the agent workspace, and metrics on how they are performing. When an agent logs into LiveEngage, this is the area that they see:




  1. The Visitors Tab


The agent permission set will only give the agent access to the Visitors tab, with now way to access the Campaigns or the Users tab of LiveEngage.


  1. Agent Data Bar


The agent data bar allow the agent to monitor their performance in real time and will display the following metrics:

  • Total number of Engagements

  • Average Engagement Length

  • Average Engagements Per Hour

  • Utilized Capacity

  • CSAT


You can read more about the Agent Data Bar here: Agent Data Bar


If you click the drop down arrow on the Agent Data Bar, the Agent Reporting Dashboard will open.




This dashboard will contain more information on: Interactive Engagements, Logged in time, Average Engagement length, and CSAT.


  1. Agent Menu


If you click on your user name in the top right hand corner, this will open a small menu that will allow your agents to: change their current state, update their user settings, turn the notification sound off, and log out of LiveEngage.



If you click the My Details button, it will open a new pop up that will allow your agents to update their display name, change their password, choose their language for the LiveEngage interface, and choose their time zone for the LiveEngage interface.




  1. Web Visitors Tab


The web visitors tab will display all of the current visitors that are being tracked on your web and mobile sites. The table will show all of the visitors along with if they are in chat, which agent they are chatting with, what page they are on, what time they started visiting your site, and much more information.


If you click on a particular visitor, this will open a widget that will provide more information on that visitor, along with which pages they have visited, and any engagement attributes that have been passed.




  1. Connection Area


If you click on the floating panel on the right hand side of the screen, this will open the connection area. The connection area has a lot of self serve content on LiveEngage. Included in the connection area is PDF’s, videos, and short articles on different topics. The connection area also allows for you to chat with a member of the LivePerson team at anytime.




  1. Agent Workspace


If you do not have the ACD set to automatic, when chats come into LiveEngage, and you are eligible to take them, you will receive a notification, and the orange ‘accept’ button in the bottom left hand corner will flash.




If you click the ‘accept’ button, you will then be taken to the Agent Workspace. If ACD is set to automatic on your account, then you will be automatically taken to the Agent Workspace when a chat is routed to you.




The Agent Workspace is where you are able to engage with your visitors. On the left hand side, you will see the conversation that is happening, and on the right hand side, you will have access to the default widgets that available during chat. From the Agent Workspace, you are also able to transfer the current engagement to another available agent, or end the engagement if it is over.


In order to get back to the “Web Visitors” tab, you can click on the menu button in the bottom left hand corner.




To get back to the Agent Workspace from the “Web Visitors” tab, you can click on the current engagement listed on the bottom bar.




  1. Resolved Engagements


After an engagement has ended, it will be stored temporarily under Resolved Engagements. When you click on the button the lower right hand corner, a menu will pop up with all of the engagements that are currently stored here.




By clicking on any of the engagements, it will take you back to the Agent Workspace for that engagement. This will allow you to update the Agent survey, copy the text of the engagement, or access any information that is tied to the chat. In you choose ‘Hide engagement’ from the drop down menu in the Agent Workspace, this will remove the engagement from the Resolved Engagements section.



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