Create Offsite Engagements for Social Media and Email

1.   Create a Campaign and fill in the campaign details (name, target audience and timeframe) .


2.   Click Add engagement.

3.  Select the Engagement Source, where you want to engage with your consumer (e.g., email, social media).

4.   Click Next.

5.   Enter the page URL where you want to embed the chat window. This is the URL to which your consumers will be redirected when clicking the Engagement URL.


   This page should contain the LiveEngage tag with your account number.

If a page is intend to be viewed via a mobile device, it should be mobile optimized. If not, the consumer will be redirected to an empty page with chat.

6.   Click Next.

7.  Select the Engagement Language and the Skill to which the visitor will be routed.

8.   When you’ve finished creating the engagement, enable it and publish its campaign.

9.   Copy the Engagement URL and use it in your selected touch point.

10.   If you want to shorten the URL, use one of the available websites such as http://bitly.com.


Now your Engagement is ready to be put in an email or in a social media post!


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