How to Use CoBrowse

To initiate a CoBrowse session:


1.   From the chat window, click the CoBrowse icon.


2.   Choose the session type:

   CoBrowse - View Only enables you to view the visitor’s screen only.

   CoBrowse - Shared gives you full control over the current browser tab.



3.   The visitor receives a notification asking them to accept the CoBrowse session.


4.   Once the visitor accepts, the CoBrowse session opens on the agent side and both cursors are displayed and labeled as shown in the image below.


5.   On the visitor side, when the CoBrowse session begins, an orange frame is displayed around the browser tab, indicating an active session. While CoBrowsing, credit card and password fields are automatically masked.


6.   The visitor can close the session at any time by clicking the X at the top of the orange frame.

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