Find Pricing

  1. Navigate to this URL in your browser: https://www.liveperson.com/liveengage/pricing

Or, in LiveEngage, click on your username, and from the dropdown window choose ‘My Account’’.

  1. You can navigate between the different pricing plans that are available by using the left and right arrows.


Tip: LiveEngage will automatically recommend the best plan for you based on the average number of engagements that you have a month.


  1. For more information on pricing, you will need to chat with a member of our Online Sales team. In LiveEngage, click on the ‘Connection Area’ Panel on the right hand side of the screen.




  1. Click on the Chat icon in the connection area.




  1. Click on the ‘Online Sales’ button to start a chat with our Online Sales team.




  1. You can also chat with our online sales team by navigating to this URL in your browser: https://www.liveperson.com/liveengage/pricing, and then click on the chat button in the bottom right hand corner.



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