Hot Keys & Predefined Content

Best Practices - Hot Keys & Predefined Content


There are many times when a visitor comes to chat, asks a question, and you have to provide an answer that you have given many times before. More than likely you have created a piece of predefined content that has the answer that you give time and time again.


However, the time it takes you to navigate to your predefined content widget, click on the exact predefined content that you want to send, and lastly, clicking the send button, is time you are taking away from your visitor and time taken away from you.


Many clients ask us is there a way to speed up this process, or is there a shortcut that we can use to send these messages? The short answer: hot keys.


Hot keys are shortcuts that you can use to send your piece of predefined content quickly. However, what many clients do not realize is that these hot keys can also be used as a way to organize your predefined content, and they can be used to create a sub menu of your most used responses.




How Does This Work


When you have multiple pieces of predefined content assigned to a single character hot key, and you go to use this shortcut, you will see this mini pop up window appear. This mini short cut menu will show you the next key you need to enter to send that predefined content, and it allows you to click on that predefined content to have it send that message as well.


For each piece of predefined content, you can assign a single character key, and assign a single number key. By assigning your most used predefined content responses to one character key, it will allow you use this quick content menu to save you time. You can also use this same idea to assign all of the predefined content responses in a similar category to save you time as well.


This best practice, based on feedback from LiveEngage users, is meant to offer you guidance and to help drive value for your brand.


More Resources


You can find a tutorial on how to setup hot keys here: