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Best Practices - Engagement History API


There are many times when a Brand is required to store their chat transcripts in a database, which will allow them to keep a record of the chat, or so that they can see see all of the data pertaining to that visitor.


“Is there a way to have my chat transcripts imported into my current CRM automatically?” is one of the main questions that we hear from a Brand. Instead of manually exporting your chat transcripts from LiveEngage and manually updating the data in your database, we recommend that you make use of the Engagement History API.


What is the Engagement History API?


The Engagement History API is a REST API that allows brands to obtain copies of their chat transcripts with all of the surveys and engagement attributes that are associated with each chat. With the API, over 99% of your transcript data is available within 5 minutes of a chat ending, and the rest of the data will be available within 2 hours. This API is secured with OAuth 1.0, and to access the API, you will need to get an application key for your account.


The API allows for you to filter, sort, and limit the chat transcripts that are returned from the API call. You can also search the transcripts for certain keywords.


Not only can the Engagement History API be used to integrate your transcripts with your CRM, but it can also be used in for the following scenarios and many more:

  • I want an email sent out when I receive a chat with a low CSAT score.

  • I want to get a list of all the email address from our pre-chat survey.

  • I want to track the revenue that an agent added to an agent survey.


How To Enable The Engagement History API?


In order to get API keys for the Engagement History API, you will need to chat with our support team. You can either chat with the support team directly from you LiveEngage account by using the connection area, or you can go here: https://authentication.liveperson.net/login.html, and click on the 'Live Chat' button.


This best practice, based on feedback from LiveEngage users, is meant to offer you guidance and to help drive value for your brand.


More Resources


You can read more about the Engagement History API here: https://ce-sr.s3.amazonaws.com/CA/Admin/Engagement%20History%20API%20doc...